Are you using white papers and case studies?

White papers and case studies are critical tools for businesses in technology, manufacturing, and other sectors where products are complex or pricey, and the decision process on purchases is lengthy. 

What makes white papers and case studies uniquely valuable to your potential clients is the richness and reliability of the information that they provide. The facts they contain about products and markets are backed up by research,  hard data, reliable sources, and with case studies first-hand testimony from customers. For your white papers and case studies to be convincing, you need a writer who can handle a wealth of complicated information, connect with your audience, and present your solution in a clear and authoritative manner.

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Technical aptitude + communication expertise

In my work in communications over the past 20 years, I have written on and researched sustainability and  green business, and translated complex technical topics like conservation biology, computer modeling in epidemiology, aeronautics, and nanotechnology for the general reader. I have worked for a diverse range of firms and institutions, including Citigroup, KPMG, Herman Miller, Lehigh University, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and the Rhode Island School of Design, among many others.  

“Working with Chris Quirk was a pleasure. He brings his intelligence to every project and always delivers above and beyond the requirements. I would recommend his work to anyone.” 
-Deidre Hoguet
Director of Sustainability and Material Exploration

Next steps

"Chris has been writing for Lehigh University’s engineering research journal for the past three years. I am impressed by the intelligence and the imagination with which he writes on a variety of topics, from ancient Chinese astronomy to the startling behaviors of tiny particles in suspension. He routinely goes the extra mile to do his job as well as possible. I look forward to working many more years with Chris.”
-Kurt Pfitzer
Editor, Resolve magazine
Associate Editor, Lehigh Bulletin
“Chris is an excellent writer, and is a valued extension of my home team. He consistently receives rave reviews from my faculty and alumni who say that he is highly professional and personable, and that he really captures the essence of the subject. I trust Chris to discover the slant of a story when so often I only know ‘there’s a story in here somewhere,’ and advise me as to an appropriate length to adequately tell that story. He always delivers a first rate product and always meets or beats deadlines.”
-James Raby
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
University of South Carolina Aiken
“Chris is a quick, agile writer with a flair for making articles pop. Just when it seems there is no new angle to a perennial favorite topic, he finds one and makes the story sing. Working with Chris is a breeze. He’s a knows exactly how to tweak a story to meet the needs of different publications and readers. Best of all, he’s fast, so there’s no worrying about deadline pressures.”
-Brenda Krebs
Editorial Director
Miami Dade College
“I give high marks for Chris Quirk’s copywriting. He did outstanding work on our university’s President’s Report. His ability to research and understand our culture, grasp our accomplishments and synthesize them into copy was so appreciated. His work is creatively fresh and at the same time appropriate to the institution. In addition, he provided frequent communication so that I knew where we were with the project all along the way.”
-Kelly Curtis Intagliata
Chief Officer, Public Relations and Marketing
Marymount California University